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Bicycle Accident Testimonials

Expert Endorsement As an expert witness, I have worked with hundreds of attorneys on bicycle related accidents. Richard Duquette clearly stands out with his strong work ethic, attention to forensic detail and an unbending commitment to help his clients resolve and win their cases.” - John Howard, Cycling Coach and Owner of John Howard Performance Sports Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Winner, 1981 Gold Medalist at the 1971 Pan-Am Games Road Race USA Cycling Elite level Road Championships Winner, four times, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1975 Olympic Team Rider, 1968, 1972, 1976
John Howard
Cycling Coach and Owner of John Howard Performance Sports
Richard Duquette is far more than an attorney. Last August I was hit by a bus while riding my bicycle and needed help in so many ways. Richard not only gave me expert legal advice but supported and guided me through the turmoil that was ahead. He fought for me like a loyal pit bull and genuinely cared about my physical and emotional healing. My wife and I cannot thank Richard, Kim, Karen and Jim enough for all of their hard work on my case.
Joltin’ Johnny E.
“For several days after I was doored by a large truck, I had no thoughts of needing an attorney. But as it became more evident that my active lifestyle would be stifled for a long time, I called Richard on the advice of a friend. I had already made several strategic mistakes in my discussions with insurance adjusters, (I discovered that even my own insurance company, though very sympathetic, was not my friend in this case) but Richard was able to work around these and bring my case to a very successful conclusion. He has a real passion for his work and I always felt that he was totally focused on my situation. His attention to detail is superb. In working with me to prepare for deposition and trial, though we finally settled without a trial, he was extremely thorough and willing to take all the time necessary to make sure we were both ready. Richard is like a bulldog - a very experienced, intelligent, street savvy and persistent bulldog – determined to get the best that his client deserves. I’m very thankful to Richard for his hard work. ”
Michael S.
“Contact Tri Club member and Accident Attorney Richard Duquette by phone or email him at He is a good man and will help you. Emillio D. (Businessman – Non Client) (e-mail to local bike club)
Emillio D.
“Richard is straight forward and efficient: I really felt my case was dealt with professionally and in a timely manner, no dragging along or surprises. Richard is a triathlon geek too, so it made our communication about my bicycle accident very easy and he clearly understood the impact of my injuries and could easily relate to my experience. Thumbs-up for the outcome and the service along the way. Not forgetting the great job of his assistant Karen keeping track of the logistics and sending reminders, emails and phone calls. Big thanks for the Duquette team and I hope to see you on the road soon.”
Max L.
I suffered a bicycle vs. door injury. I would recommend Richard Duquette as he was very open and answered all inquires in a timely and forthright fashion. I also want to thank you for taking my case on – for working to get me a fabulous new bike so fast. Also thanks for getting my case resolved so quickly and in my favor. You went above and beyond!
Karen C.
My Bicycle vs. Auto case was handled promptly and I would recommend Richard because he handled my case as if it was his main priority and obtained a greater settlement than I expected.
Mark B.
“Dear fellow Cyclists, Last November I was riding south on the Coast Highway through Leucadia and was hit by a boat being towed. The driver kept going and luckily there were witnesses that called the police. The driver was stopped in Solana Beach. The was the fortunate part. The unfortunate part was that I had a broken arm that required surgery to attach an eight inch plate with as many screws in my arm. It also caused me to be unable to work for nine months. The second bad break for me was that the driver was uninsured and my uninsured motorists coverage was not enough. After seeing attorney Richard Duquette’s information I called him for help. Richard immediately came to my house to discuss my options. I hired him and he worked tirelessly to get me more that my uninsured motorist coverage. He also kept my medical and car insurance companies from taking my settlement. There are two recommendations I have for all of my fellow cyclists. One, be sure you have a minimum amount of uninsured motorist coverage of $100,000. (I do now and it was maybe $50 more per year!) Richard had written articles about this. I had read them on the website but did not take action. Two, hire Richard Duquette to handle the case for you. We all enjoy a sport that has become more and more dangerous and we need a fellow cyclist like Richard Duquette to be there to fight for us!! Sincerely, J. Johnny E.
J. Johnny E.
I had a personal injury bicycle accident case. Mr. Duquette went above and beyond my expectations. My case was handled promptly and everything went according to the expected timeline. I would recommend Richard because he knows his stuff and had the experience to handle bicycle cases. Richard understood what had happened to me, what the present and future implications and ramifications could have been as a result of the accident. He was not intimidated by the fact we were dealing with two different countries, laws, and possible difficulties associated with pursuing such a case. He negotiated an equitable and fair settlement. I was very pleased. Jim M. (TCSD member) January 2013
Jim M.
"I would recommend Richard Duquette because my case “had some difficult aspects to it and Richard provided sound advice throughout and especially in regards to settlement and holding out. By declining the initial settlement offer we were able to get the best result possible.”
Chris T.
“Hi M. You probably know about my car [/bike] accident last year in September and how severe my spine injury was. Not only that I’m back on track, but I got a great settlement due to having a good lawyer. If you need legal advise from an attorney who knows what it means to have a cycling injury and who successfully worked for so many cyclists, then feel free to contact Richard Duquette at . Regards, Leonard M. (e-mail to local bike club)
Leonard M.
“I’m extremely appreciative of the service and treatment I received from the Law Office of Richard Duquette, Esq. Throughout a long, four year lawsuit, involving defective front forks of an expensive road bicycle, Richard and his staff were supportive both mentally and emotionally. For those contemplating going to trial, be prepared for a physically and emotionally draining experience. That being said, Richard does give his all for his clients. Once he has committed himself to a case, his thoroughness will astound you. Even though a client may not fully understand Richard’s though processes, it eventually becomes crystal clear as things solidify. Richard is shrewd, incredibly brilliant and a true fighter for his client. Although my case was a partial victory, beating 2 out of 3 defendants, there is no one else I would have in my corner other than Richard Duquette, Esq. I would be honored for Richard to use my entire case to educate the public for similar cases, including on his website. Thank you Richard, Kim, Karen, Jim and Shelly!” Shelley B. November 1, 2012
Shelley B.
“Back in March I was hit by a truck while commuting home. My mother Susan V. suggested calling an attorney. She proceeded to show me Richard Duquette’s advert in the [newsletter]. I talked to Richard on the day after my accident, he said, I’ll drive down to meet you, and he did. I was very happy, that he reached out to help me. Not only did he help me get a substantial settlement, he also obtained funds for my surgery that I need so I may work and ride. I want to thank the [club] for having Richard Duquette in the [newsletter].” Brian B. (e-mail to local bike club)
Brian B.
“I would recommend Richard Duquette for Attorney Services. He did a good job, very thorough job, very professional service. Richard really knows his stuff when it comes to Bike accidents and dealing with insurance companies.” Sincerely, David M. October 24, 2012
David M.
“I’m proud to say that he [Richard Duquette] is currently representing me, and the man TRULY understands and cares about his fellow cyclists, their rights, and safety. Thanks Richard,” Mike B. (e-mail to local bike club)
Mike B.
“I want to thank you for your courtesy and professionalism this morning. I was referred to you by a member of the San Diego Triathlon Club and it was very reassuring to talk to someone who understands the cyclists’ perspective in an accident. This is a stressful situation for me and I sincerely appreciate your guidance and willingness to help out a fellow athlete.”
Lisa S.
I was in a “Bicycle Accident involving a car”. “My expectations and then some were met”. It took “less than a year from the date of my accident to resolve my case”. I would recommend Richard because “it was more like a friend handling my case.”
John S.
“After my first accident 15 years ago, I settled directly with the insurance company and thought I had done OK. My recent accident was more serious (broken bones and destroyed bike) and it was recommended that I contact Richard Duquette. I was very pleased at how he thoroughly explained the process, what I was to do, and what to expect at the end. Things played out as he described and I was compensated very well by the insurance company. If you have an accident, don’t try to handle it yourself – call Richard and he will be very helpful”
Jim S.
I had a “Bicycle Injury” case. [Richard] “came to my house and treated me more like a friend than a client”. “My case was handled promptly and all my expectations were met.”
SDBC Member
Richard is IT! If you are hit by a car while biking, get in touch with Richard Duquette as soon as you can. l have been very involved in bicycle advocacy and education for the last five years, and have promoted bikes as healthy and practical transportation within San Diego. So when my girlfriend was hit by a driver who cut her off on her commute home, I asked around and Richard came very recommended. Right away I was impressed by his range of knowledge and could tell that he puts a significant amount of work into each of his cases. He is hospitable and gets to know his clients while maintaining a very powerful position. He won't back down and he won't take any bullshit. He was very accommodating. Being a working couple, we did not always have time to travel to Oceanside or front money for medical expenses involved in the case. Richard accommodated us and explained every financial and technical detail in an understandable way. He found my girlfriend medical care and examinations that could be incorporated into the case. He came to our neighborhood to get to know us, and he was very careful to develop trust. Richard made a point of how much he believed in our case and the work we do professionally and in our community. He certainly helped us with the case better than I think anybody else could have, helped us maintain our work with the educational organization Bikes del Pueblo, and believe that with the right skills and knowledge working people can get what they need.
A Personal Injury Client
“I’m thankful I was referred to Richard Duquette. He spent time with me asking probing questions regarding my accident and highlighted several things I had no idea about. And although he did not take the case (mainly because I was riding on the sidewalk, which is the problem), I really appreciated his insights and the fact that he offered his advice as to how to handle my claim vis-a-vis the insurance companies. What impressed me the most was that he preferred not to spend my money knowing the odds - unlike a lot of unscrupulous lawyers would.”
Joseph S.
“Richard was recommended to me by a top Luxembourg triathlete. Richard had helped him, and he did the same for me. I was pleased with the results and my case was handled promptly and timely.”
Mark M.
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